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Green Power - Energizing Smoothie Recipe

by Shaula Saldaña August 19, 2019

Eat Your Greens With This Smoothie

Green Smoothie

I bet your mother or your grandmother told you to eat your greens when you were a kid. As adults, we're all conscious about it, but we don't always eat them, sorry mom!

A great and tasty way to help us get our daily intake of greens is throwing them all in the blender to make a green juice or a smoothie. This recipe will not only help you consume your greens, but it'll also fill you with energy throughout the day!

Oh, and did I mention that this smoothie is high in protein? Keep reading to discover the recipe!

Serving size: 1 big smoothie

Preparation time: 5 minutes


  • 1 frozen banana
  • ½ cup of frozen mango
  • ½ cup of frozen pineapple
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 cup of fresh spinach
  • 5 mint leaves
  • The juice of a lemon
  • 1 scoop of Falcon Protein Vanilla
  • 1 thumb of fresh ginger, peeled and grated
  • 1 cup of vegan yogurt, like kefir
  • ½ cup of unsweetened almond milk
  • Ice (optional)

Place all of the ingredients in your food processor and blend for a few seconds or until you get the consistency you're looking for. Modify the quantities and ingredients to get the taste YOU like.

Tip: Add homemade granola, banana slices, mint leaves, lemon zest, or chia, as toppings!

I hope you will like it as much as I do!

Smoothie Poder Verde

If you prepare this smoothie, tag @birdman_life on Instagram! Until the next one! 

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Shaula Saldaña
Shaula Saldaña


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