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Fitness Trends We Need to Cancel

by Natalia Urdiales March 18, 2021

Fitness Trends We Need to Cancel

Written by: Paola - The Vegan Booty

Every year we see new trends or fashions emerge within the world of fitness, some have to do with an eating style that promises to give you the best physique of your life, others related to unrealistic expectations about what a “fitness” body should look like and some more who want to sell us miracle products that promise to change our physique in a matter of days. Today I share with you some of these fashions that should be canceled in 2021.


Fit or Weight-loss Teas

This is a trend that has been a favorite for years to those who seek quick results with minimal effort. I think it is not necessary to explain why a tea or any water will not give you an athletic physique nor will it help you reduce your fat percentage, on the contrary, they are not always safe and can have negative repercussions on your health. For example, it has been seen that some of these teas are made with herbs or leaves that are laxatives or diuretics, so people see a decrease in weight after a few days of use, this is because they have literally dehydrated and the "reduction" that can be seen on the scale is not fat, it's water.


Irrational Fear of Carbohydrates

Today a trend that has gotten out of control is to fear carbohydrates as if they were not necessary. On the contrary, is the food for our brain and muscles and humanity have evolved consuming a great variety of grains, seeds and legumes. There are definitely people who work better on a lower carbohydrate diet and other people need a little more, of course, we are all different. However, completely eliminating a macro nutrient from our diet is not only unnecessary regardless of your goals, it also makes your diet not sustainable over time, it can significantly affect your performance and results when training (or do you think it is a coincidence that high-performance athletes do not follow a keto diet?), and above all, it does not teach you to eat in a balanced way, and that in the end is the key to really lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Women Should not Lift a lot of Weight

Fortunately this trend is heard less and less, however there are still women who think that if you carry weights or a lot of weight you will get "big", and that if they only aim to "tone" it is better to do weightless activities like yoga or pilates. Nothing could be further from the truth, although exercises like yoga or pilates are excellent physical activities (and if you enjoy them, definitely keep doing them!), they will never be as effective as weights to improve body composition. Exercise with weights stimulates the muscle for its development, which in turn helps us improve the appearance of the skin by reducing sagging, increases our strength and improves our metabolism, since muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. Women don't have the ability to get “big” as easily as men for one simple reason: testosterone. Men produce much more testosterone than we do, which has an important relationship with the development of muscle mass, so don't worry, lifting weights will never make you look "like a man", and on the contrary, it will give you many health benefits as well as to your body composition.


Hip Dips, Thigh Gaps, Mini Waists and other Unrealistic Expectations

From time to time we find that in social networks there are some physical characteristics that become fashionable and become the objective to be pursued. Or on the contrary, they become the new complex and enemy for thousands of women (mostly) around the world. Unfortunately in many of the cases these are unrealistic, unattainable goals, merely aesthetic and honestly on many occasions, silly and meaningless. The problem is that these expectations can really become an obsession and insecurity for many people, and lead them to see exercise or diet not as a path to well-being and a healthy lifestyle, but the means to achieve an aesthetic goal that many times it is impossible due to issues as unchangeable as genetics.

Let this 2021 be the year in which we understand that all bodies are valid, beautiful and unique, that we do not have to meet other people's expectations with it, and that beyond the aesthetic objective we must think and honor our body as the wonderful, unique and irreplaceable vehicle to navigate this magical experience called life.

Fat-burning Girdles

Fat does not sweat, it oxidizes when the body is in a caloric deficit that forces it to obtain energy from reserves in the body, not when using a girdle that is so tight that you can barely breathe and that makes you sweat the little water you drink in the day.


Exercises to Reduce Waistline

One cannot lose fat in a localized way or shrink a part of the body that is already defined by genetics, period.


Animal Protein is Better than Vegetable Protein

One of the favorite myths of any vegan or vegetarian, and another that fortunately is increasingly being refuted by science and by all those who do not consume animal protein and continue to make progress every day. If you want to know a little more, I already covered that topic in one of my previous posts about the myths of protein powder.



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Natalia Urdiales
Natalia Urdiales


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